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Three Kinds of Spas: Which One are We?

For many years, I have resisted listing the Ayurveda Center as a spa, even though it is a very popular concept right now. But since we offer treatments and services similar to many spas (only better!), I began to learn more about the spa industry. Recently I read that there are 3 different categories of spas: Day Spa, Medical Spa and Holistic Spa.

What makes a day spa is the fact that they usually have no hair services, but they do have all kinds of other pampering type treatments such as massage, sugar and salt scrubs, facials, and more. You can usually buy multiple services to create packages. The better day spas may offer a day of services with lunch, for example.

A medical spa usually has Western or certified alternative physicians associated with it. The client usually has an evaluation with recommendations. They offer treatments that will restore health, achieve balance, and/or prevent future health difficulties. Some well known medical spas are Canyon Ranch, the Raj (Ayurveda in Iowa), and Chopra Center (Ayurveda in California). Often the travel, services and accommodations are very expensive, making the medical spa out of most people’s reach. We are almost a medical spa, but since Ayurveda has no certification yet, we do not portray ourselves that way. And people are not required to have consultations prior to receiving some of the Ayurvedic services or any of our other classes or services. But we do offer some of the same treatments as Canyon Ranch, the Raj and Chopra Center, at a much less expensive rate. Certification for Ayurveda in the U.S. is coming down the pike, and we may have an Ayurvedic physician in the future. At that point, we will be a “medical spa.”

At this time, we fall under the last category–the holistic spa. Like the medical spa, the holistic spa offers services with the underlying value of restoration of health and balance, rejuvenation, and prevention of disease by paying attention to the needs of the whole person: mind, emotions, body and spirit. We offer multiple services and classes in order to serve the needs of a variety of people. Our practitioners and teachers are all licensed, certified or registered in their respective modalities; some of them span modalities. We also empower our clients to learn what they need to continue their journey to health on their own with classes, recommended practices, and techniques to further the benefits they receive (e.g., stretching, breathing, cooking). We have the pampering aspect down, as well. So, even though one receives beautiful, health producing services, one feels great while receiving them. Our environment is serene and peaceful. So, you receive some of those same feel good treatments, but they are performed by highly skilled and experienced practitioners hand picked for their ability to see the whole person. For a while, I thought of advertising ourselves as healthcare in a spa-like environment, but one can also say the opposite–spa treatments in a healthcare environment. But we always strive to be both. In other words, we use on your skin only products that one could safely eat, because it will all be absorbed via the skin into your bloodstream. We avoid popular treatments (like salt and sugar scrubs) because even though the stimulation and exfoliation makes the skin feel good, you will be absorbing those substances into your bloodstream and they may actually over-stimulate. For certain body types, this might be imbalancing to the nervous system in the longer run.

So, try us out – whether you are local or regional. And let us know what you need; we may be able to provide it. We are here to serve your needs. We also have a monthly e-newsletter. Sign up with the form on the right of the page. We try to keep it organized and short to facilitate reading; we do not give your address to anyone.