Hey everyone!

I know, I have been missing communicating with you for a long time.  Last time I shared that I have sold the Center building, however, my individual clinical office is still located in the same place: 665 Emory Valley Rd., Oak Ridge, TN. I still offer Ayurvedic consultations and psychotherapy services. I just wanted to update you a little on what is happening for me next.

Vedic Counseling

In the world of Ayurveda and other practices based in the Vedic sciences, there is an emerging specialty called Vedic Counseling. It includes Ayurveda, counseling, yoga in the larger sense, meditation, pranayama, vastu, jyotish, and more. The primary purpose of Vedic Counseling is to support people to (1) achieve health and balance: mind, body and spirit; (2) find their purpose in life or dharma; and (3) prevent future health and life obstacles or karma. In short, I hope to facilitate the journey of seekers so that they can live in alignment with their own spiritual center and with all that surrounds them in life.

Website and Contact Information

In light of this slight change of emphasis (and the fact that I am solo now – not a Center), I have renamed my business “The Vedic Counselor.” I will also continue to offer psychotherapy services until 2020 or so.

If you are interested in having services from me, you can give a call at 865-482-0981 or email at AyurvedaCenterTN@bellsouth.net. I will send another newsletter when I get it all up and running in a month or so.

Many blessings! And happy fall.

Mary Roberson, Ph.D.

Vaishnavi (my spiritual name)

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